Finding a Good Commercial Printer

Finding a good commercial printer is a challenge. With the advent of digital printing equipment, there is a much lower barrier of entry into the industry and competition has greatly increased. There is a far wider choice in suppliers and a wide selection of both price and quality.

Looking a while back, printing was the realm of dedicated industry professionals that were qualified to operate complex machinery such as offset presses, die cutting and letterpress machinery.

What makes a good commercial printer?

The most important characteristic for a commercial printers is to deliver a high quality product when due.

It is of no use of receiving the highest quality event booklets after the event itself is over, and neither is there any point to receiving a poor quality print that can’t be used in a commercial setting.

It is a very simple affair to cut back on paper quality, sharpening of guillotine blades and failing to maintain machinery in good condition.

Does your printer stand by the product?

Everybody makes mistakes.

If your printer is happy to reprint a job until full satisfaction, consider that you have a good supplier.

Price – it isn’t the most important factor!

The lowest price is not an indicator.

While the bottom line may be important, consider the customer service & communication, dependability and quality.

The rule in printing is that low prices are available where customer service is absent and customers are expected to follow strict procedures and guidelines. If you are well prepared and are able to use an industry trade supplier, it is an excellent option. If you need assistance and help to organise your job, you can expect retail rates that cover the cost of customer service.

Experience and Knowledge

Does experience count with commercial printers?

Years of experience are required for correct operation of traditional machinery such as offset and letterpress. The same applies to print finishing equipment, such as celloglazing and booklet making.

When it concerns digital printing equipment, the technical expertise required for operations is much lower.

Expect your commercial printer to be well aware of industry standards when it concerns graphic design and supply of print-ready files.

Does your printer have to be local?

It is nice to resolve problems and issues in person. However, it would be better to have a supplier that does not cause problems in the first place!

The best supplier may be located in another state – but still instantly available just a phone call away.

Internet and Email makes it very easy to do business over distance. Take advantage of this factor and explore suppliers outside your geographical region.

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written by Daniel Moisyeyev